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Our Story

Borne of a love of aviation

One of our owners, Stephanie, took her first flight when she was about two weeks old in her father's Cessna 140. She spent her childhood flying Bonanzas, Barons, and for a short time, a Lancair. She currently flies a Piper Archer but is building her dream airplane, a Van's RV-14 taildragger. Watch for it to grace one of our bags when it is finished.

Our other owner, Nick, has spent most of his aviation journey on the ground, having worked as an airframe mechanic in the Navy. He specialized in painting those beautiful Navy planes.

The love of aviation inspired the idea to put beautiful aircraft on the bags of the best coffee that could be found.

All our coffee beans are organic and fair trade and are small-batch roasted. Our flavored coffees are then infused, not sprayed, with flavorings. This careful attention to detail allows us to bring you the smoothest cup of coffee you have ever had. Our coffees are never bitter, but are full of rich flavors and nuanced undertones.

When you grind and brew our beans, the aroma is almost better than the coffee itself. We pride ourselves on our roasting and the quality shows in every bag of coffee that goes out our doors.

From our shop to your home, our goal is to make your day just a little better with beautiful airplanes and the best coffee you are going to find, no matter how far you fly.

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